What's up "true believers"? Okay so that's probably some sort of copyright infringement on Marvel Comics and Stan Lee, but I think it works in some weird "affirmation of all things positive" / zen sort of way. Here's why:

I'm currently updating our long outdated and never updated website because we will be releasing our album "Teenage Crimewave" on June 4 2013 on MVD Records. We couldn't be more excited. Why? Because this album is, to date, the best representation of us as a band and we are really proud of the effort that went into creating it. There are a TON of people that deserve thanks in getting this out, but I suppose we can save that for the release date.

The first "single" from the album is a song called "Sometimes My Arms Bend Back" and it will be available to stream and probably download within the next few days from this site and probably a couple other places as well (still trying to nail all of that down).

One thing is for certain: There is a whole lot of stuff in the works (shows, promotion, mass hysteria, etc.) so check back!!