Sooooo it is upon us! Tomorrow night we play our album release show at Wall Street in Murfreesboro TN! Our friends Rusty Sharp Things and Battle Path are opening the show and it will be a blast! Also, we now have tee shirts for sale. You can get these at a show or by messaging us through this site!
Hellloooooooo! Just a quick bit of news! Our album hits the streets on June 4th but you can get it at our album release show on June 1st at Wall Street in Murfreesboro TN with our friends Rusty Sharp Things and Battle Path! Also you can get a hug there. From someone.
Well, just one more month til our album “Teenage Crimewave”drops.
As a lead up to the album release and the subsequent shows and general craziness
that is destined to follow, I present to you the listeners the“Sometimes My Arms
Bend Back EP”. This features the song “Sometimes My Arms Bend Back” as well as
an unreleased song called “We’re Friends”, a remastered version of “What’s a
Little Cannibalism Among Friends?” and our cover of an Ann Margaret song called
“I Just Don’t Understand”.

 This is a zip file containing all of that plus the artwork for
the single. We hope to eventually press these for promotional purposes, but you
can download the digital files right now. We hope you

We have a lot of stuff in the works. Trying to
figure out some sort of projector rig to show a very special movie behind us for
the CD release show which will be at Wall Street in Murfreesboro TN on June
1st. Our pal and awesome
producer’s band, Rusty Sharp Things will be opening the show followed by some
other pals of ours Battle Path! We are

Download the EP zip file below. You can also listen to the single track on our soundcloud page as well as the music page on this website!
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File Type: zip
Download File

What's up "true believers"? Okay so that's probably some sort of copyright infringement on Marvel Comics and Stan Lee, but I think it works in some weird "affirmation of all things positive" / zen sort of way. Here's why:

I'm currently updating our long outdated and never updated website because we will be releasing our album "Teenage Crimewave" on June 4 2013 on MVD Records. We couldn't be more excited. Why? Because this album is, to date, the best representation of us as a band and we are really proud of the effort that went into creating it. There are a TON of people that deserve thanks in getting this out, but I suppose we can save that for the release date.

The first "single" from the album is a song called "Sometimes My Arms Bend Back" and it will be available to stream and probably download within the next few days from this site and probably a couple other places as well (still trying to nail all of that down).

One thing is for certain: There is a whole lot of stuff in the works (shows, promotion, mass hysteria, etc.) so check back!!